«Open turn» de Steve Barnet?

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J'aimerais savoir s'il existe un document vidéo qui décrirait le «Open turn» que Steve Barnet tente d'expliquer dans son livre «Cross Country Downhill». J'ai lu plusieurs fois et les subtiles nuances du mouvement m'échappent…

Hello Rod !
sb123 va peut-être te répondre, car nous avons la chance qu'il soit membre de Skirandonnenordique.com !

Please excuse me if I must respond in English. There is no video that I know about of the open turn in use. I wrote another person with a similar question on TelemarkTips that perhaps with modern equipment it isn't so useful, but then Tod Eastman, a great skier, pointed out that maybe with that same modern equipment it can be more useful than ever. He lumped into the Open turn basket all parallel techniques using the uphill ski as part of the turn. Since modern curvy, rockered skis turn without pressure to reverse camber them it is possible more easily to steer each ski independently . Something else to try during the winter. You might be able to find video of Alpine skiers using the uphill ski at the end of each turn, to carve very quickly from turn to turn. The ski moves up, but your focus must be aimed straight down the fall line. That's the spirit of what I've been doing in hard or difficult conditions with my bigger skis (still not very large by today's bloated standard). Just maybe, I'll be able, with Tod, to generate some video of both that and tele techniques with touring skis. It's long overdue.

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