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Excusez moi pour ecrivant en Anglais. Je ne peut pas m’expresser assez bien en Francais.
The Glittertind is an extraordinarily gifted ski for downhill in varied, and difficult, snow conditions. Obviously, this isn’t due to its sidecut, which is meager, but to its flex, which permits it to bend smoothly and uniformly with weight applied by the skier. You can ski any soft snow condition with a telemark initiated by a move right into the fall line, with the front ski completely weighted in the fall line, and then a telemark out of the fall line. Breakable crust, deep, wet snow, stiff snow all are skiable with this basic technique. For hard snow, use parallel, and the edging with a good boot (like the Salomon XA8) is enough that the turn will be comfortable and safe. The initiate into the fall line technique is made easier by using a slightly short length of ski. For me, 85 kilos, that means 190cm. The agility of the ski compensates well for its lack of sidecut and of width.

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Je parie une paire de Glittertind que le premier commentaire (en anglais) est signé Steve Barnett, auteur de l’excellentissime « Cross-Country Downhill and other Nordic Mountain Skiing Techniques »

Que le ciel me tombe sur la tète si je me trompe!

Pour aller dans le sens de piquepique voici un indice : Profile: Steve Barnett – Telemark Prophet - EarnYourTurns

Steve Barnett himself ! Sue Skirandonné… c’te chance !
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